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The modern philistine ideas of traditional Russian cuisine are surprisingly primitive - it is assumed that without cabbage soup, porridge and dumplings, a Russian person could not live a day and cooked exclusively in a Russian oven and saw meat only on major holidays ...

 And meeting in the literature of the 19th centuries with references to now forgotten dishes, such as a nyanya, botvini, kundyumi, perepecha, lavshniki, salamata, kulaga, kokurka, you can only sigh: there was a kitchen - and perhaps even great - among great ancestors, but how to remember it and how apply with old recipes in todays cuisine and how to restore historical - and gastronomic justice?

Russian cuisine attracts with its variety of dishes. The tradition of cooking in Russia has a long history. Everyday meals are very simple but at the same time tasty and nutritious.

Festive dishes are distinguished by their splendor - beautiful and very tasty. Our website contains the most popular recipes of Russian cuisine, both old and new.

Bon appetite!